Honors Theses Showcase – 05.27.23

Over commencement weekend graduating seniors gathered with their families and faculty in Zilkha Gallery for the Honors Theses Showcase. This was a celebration of the work of the Class of 2023 thesis students from the Department of Art and Art History. Each Art Studio senior was invited to select a single work from their thesis exhibition for this curated showcase of drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, mixed media, and architecture. The three Art History theses were also on display. Remarks were given by Department Chair and Professor of Art Tula Telfair, Assistant Professor of Art Tammy Nguyen, Associate Professor of Art History Nadja Aksamija, Associate Director of Visual Arts Benjamin Chaffee, and the Art History student curators Bailey Chapin ’24, Emma Flaherty ’24, and Sabrina Tian ’24.

Congratulations to all Art & Art History thesis students and Art History student curators on a phenomenal showcase!

Department Chair Tula Telfair presenting the class of 2023’s thesis students

Art History student curators Bailey Chapin ’24, Sabrina Tian’ 24 & Emma Flaherty ’24 delivering their remarks

Catherine Capeci ‘ 23

Claire Femano ’23

Florence Finkelstein ’23

Tommy Graves ’23

Julia Kaubisch ’23

Mim Pomerantz ’23

Annie Wendorf ’23

Art History Thesis:
Gabby Farina ’23, Sarah Hale ’23 & Mim Pomerantz ’23

Gabby Farina ’23
“Imagining the Alhambra: Gender, Ornament, and Represented Space”

Sarah Hale ’23
“A Comedia of Errors: The Complicated Biography of the 1481 Incuble of Dante’s Comedia and Landino’s Comento Sopra la Comedia in Wesleyan’s Special Collections”

Mim Pomerantz ’23
” Jacques-André Boiffard and the Photographic Program of Documents (1929–1930)”

All three Art History thesis writers received High Honors!